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LaVonne Misner is a Storyteller . . .

Her volunteer work with San Diego Theaters has bestowed upon her the skills that she uses to capture the interest of her readers. Her unique settings, tapestry of characters and desire to impart knowledge about a period of history or topic, draws her readers into the story and keeps them engaged throughout the plot.

Her newest novel, “The Pig Farmer’s Wife” is set in rural Minnesota during the middle of the last century; a period referred to as the second wave of feminism; a time when women were by law subservient to their husbands or an alternative male family member. Women of that time were not allowed a credit card in their own name, nor were they permitted to manage their own finances or take out a bank loan, not without having a male overseer agree to be responsible for their debts. Marriage was not an equal partnership. It was a means of support and financial security.

LaVonne's Latest Book

The Pig Farmer's Wife

The Pig Farmer’s Wife is LaVonne’s most recent novel. The story takes place in a small, charming town in southern rural Minnesota. It is set during a time referred to as the second wave of feminism; a time when women were prohibited from managing their own finances, of acquiring a bank loan, or of owning a credit card in her own name. Women needed a male overseer for those things, someone who would agree to be responsible for her debts.

Women, by both law and public opinion, were expected to accept a lesser salary then her male counterpart working in the same capacity. And, in spite of it being prior to when the birth control pill was available, women were often dismissed from their jobs when they became pregnant.
The Pig Farmers Wife