Book Club

Women’s book clubs are loving the The Pig Farmer’s Wife. If you would like a photo of your book club to be posted on my Web Page, send the photo with comments to:
"A lot has changed in the work world since the 60’s and 70's. For one thing a woman can no longer be fired from her job when she becomes pregnant. I remember my aunt talking about things like that when she was dismissed from her secretarial job during her first pregnancy."
"I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to not have my own credit card."
"I can’t forgive Gert for not going back to her son when she learned how close she was to the farm."
"Why would she want to go back, when she didn’t even own it anymore. It was her money that bought the place, and even her own son cheated her out of it."
"Yes, but don’t you think he earned it too? Afterall, he suffered when he was alone all those years. And, let’s not forget, he improved the farm a lot."
"I felt sorry for Carl when Martha didn’t stay home with her daughter. He wasn’t prepared for Martha’s new thinking about motherhood and women working."
"I loved the scene when the women marched in front of the bank!"
My favorite scene was when the sheriff tried rounding up the pigs."