LaVonne Misner

Picture of LaVonne

As an author, and active volunteer at several theaters in the San Diego area, LaVonne knows how to draw the reader into the plot. Her characters have depth, as well as a tapestry of feelings and motives. Her settings are unique, colorful and add authenticity to her stories.

LaVonne is a wife, a mother, grandmother, and owner of two beautiful standard poodles. She is a strong advocate for women and women’s rights and will happily tell you she has never met a stranger, because shortly after meeting people she becomes their friend.

When she’s not writing or doing research for her next book, she enjoys walking her dogs and occasionally painting on canvas with oils.

LaVonne hopes you will become her friend as well, by joining her and other women readers in her Tuesday Zoom Chats with Women, held on the first Tuesday of each month for a half hour at 11:00 am Pacific time. (1:00 pm Midwest time; 2:00 Eastern time). Send an email to lavonne.misner.author@gmail.com to sign up.